Ambedded MARS 200 storage platform 


Ambedded distributed storage platform powering by ARM micro server cluster significantly lowers the TCO of storing data, and help customers manage exponential data growth without sacrificing the I/O & bandwidth performance.

The 1st ever software-defined storage powering by ARM server, with monitoring & management GUI, a simple interface provides unlimited scale-out, flexible and sustainable solution for enterprise and datacenter usage.

ARM-Based Micro Server / Storage Appliance / Cloud Server

MARS 200 8-node ARM Server CEPH


Mars 200 view



< 60 Watts power consumption (excluding HDD & SSD)
8 x dual core ARM servers
8 x SATA 6Gbps HDD and SSD
Dual 2.5Gbps in cluster network
Dual 2 x10Gbps uplink network
Pre-install optimized Ceph software supports object, block and share file storage
Support OpenStack storage and S3 API





Microserver – 8 x Marvell Armada 385 Dual ARM v7 Core 1.6 GHz Microserver
– Microserver
‧ Memory: 2G Byte DDR3 SDRAM
‧ 2 x 2.5 Giga bps Ethernet
‧ 2 x SATA 3.0 (6 Gbps)
‧ Internal RTC
‧ 8GByte flash for application software, file system, kernel and u-boot
Storage Each microserver interface to one 3.5″ SATA HDD and M.2 SATA solid sate disk
Network – Dual hot-swap in chassis switch controller
– Dual 2×10 Gbps uplink network
– Each in-chassis switch contains
‧ 8 x 2.5Giga bps network links to 8x microservers
‧ 2 x 10Gbps uplink network provide 20Gbps bandwidth for 8x 2.5Gbps network from microservers
‧ Support SFP+ and 10G base-T media with auto-media detection
‧ 1 x Gbps out-of-band management port
Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) – 1 x 100Mbps Ethernet out-of-band port
– Functions:
‧ Microserver Console over Ethernet
‧ Reset specified Microserver
‧ Control microserver power ON/OFF
‧ Detect the presence of microserver
‧ Control system power ON/OFF
‧ Reset In-chassis switch
‧ UID LED blink/off
Power Consumption < 60 Watts (exclude hard disk and SSD)
Power Supply 300 Watts 80 Plus Silver redundant power supply
Dimension – 1U rack mount form factor
– Depth 740 mm
Chassis Front panel board with following function
– 8 green LED for microserver status
– BMC reset switch
– Power ON/OFF switch for power supply
Operation System Linux: Ubuntu and Debian
Software (Optional Pre-installed) – Object Storage:
‧ OpenStack Swift, Cinder, Glance API
‧ Amazon S3 API
– Block Storage: iSCSI Target
– File sharing: NFS and SMB/CIFS
Safety CE and FCC class A certified
Operation Temperature and Humidity 15 to 40 Degree Celsius, 20% ~ 80%


Storage Proxy

Storage Protocols Block: iSCSI, iSCSI multi-path, RBD, Cinder
File: NFS (v2, v3, v4), SMB, CephFS
Object: OpenStack Swift, Amazon S3
OpenStack: Nova, Glance, Cinder, Swift
Containers Backend storage for Openshift Enterprise 3.1.1
Client Side Caching native supported
High Availability Replication/ Erasure code
Multipath I/O iSCSI multipath and through CTDB IP Failover
Installation Pre-installed Appliance


Storage Platform

Processor ARM based (Mars 200 8 node ARM Micro Server Cluster)
IOPS Per Node Varibale, depends on storage node hardware configuration
Minimum Nodes Per Storage
3 micro server (nodes)
* 1xMars 200 already contains 8 nodes
Maxi. Node Per Cluster Unlimited
Maxi. Capacity Per Cluster Unlimited


Storage Features

I/O Optimization
Auto Balancing automatic distribution of data across cluster, to optimize capacity and resource utilization
Auto Tiering automatic placement of active data on the highest performing storage resources
I/O Sequentialization aggregates random I/O and streamlines writes to the storage cluster
All Flash Configuration YES, Mars 200 supported, not exlcusive to all-flash configuration, but can be use as all-flash
Maxi. Capacity Per Cluster Unlimited


Storage Efficiency
Thin Provisioning via RBD image


Data Protection
Tunable Replication Replicaion factor: 1-10 ; Erasure code
Type: Synchrnous
Policy (Crash map):
type 0 osd
type 1 host
type 2 chassis
type 3 rack
type 4 row
type 5 pdu
type 6 pod
type 7 room
type 8 datacenter
type 9 region
type 10 root
Snapshots Maxi. Of snapshots: Unlimited
Clones Maxi. Of Clones: Unlimited
Self-Healing Support auto scrubbing with daily and weekly schedule
Maximum Object size Object Size: Min: 4KB MAX: 32MB


Management Interface and APIs
GUI UI on each node; compatible to any Html5 web browser also the mobile device
CLI SSH (supports administration, monitoring and automation functions)
API RESTful API (supports to administration functions)

ARM-based Cloud Servers, de future of storage is nu ook voor u binnen handbereik.


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