The Ambedded  MARS 200 software defined storage appliance, powered by an ARM based microserver cluster, gives tremendous TCO and energy reduction on its appliance, but provides durability, reliability and significant scales-out capability for cloud storage and enterprise storage solution. 

Why softwKosten reductieare defined storage?  There is a huge and increasing demand for storage in data centers and enterprises. The application is king, the Operating System is the heartbeat and storage is the lifeblood. Without storage, none of the apps could exist. Traditional storage mechanisms like NAS and SAN are scale up devices and have limits to scale out.

Todays Software Defined Storage has made it possible to overcome NAS and SAN limitations and have petabyte scale-out possibilities, suitable for hard to predict but surely expanding storage needs. Ceph & GlusterFS are Open Source software defined storage platforms, designed to present object, block, and file storage from a single distributed computer cluster. Their main goals are to be completely distributed, without a single node of failure, scalable to Exabyte level and highly reliable. You can add any number of nodes and any number of hard drivers to such a cluster. The hard drives can be different sizes, types or makes too. Besides not needing expensive RAID cards to assure data replication and data loss protection.

Which security technology has been used to create reliable storage? Ceph & GlusterFS have their own way of replication. The more nodes you add, the more reliable the storage will be and the better will be the performance. It is ready to be integrated with your existing infrastructure of OpenStack/CloudStack. If the cloud is to deliver high performance, reliable and resilient storage, the cloud needs to move beyond the SAN. Distributed storage provides customers the scale-out advantages of the cluster architecture, opposite to the  the scale-up architecture of SANs.

Reducing the TCO significantly, is important to customers as they start building the next generation of the scalable infrastructures, which must be very competitive in terms of feature set and most importantly costs. Two important factors that adds to the cost are the increasing amount of data center rack/floor space and power consumption. Data Centers keep on adding servers as customer demand increases. Expansion which increases capital expenditure, operating, energy and cooling costs as well, eventually reaching either capacity or financial limits.

Is this Intel server technology and does it use virtualization? No, Ambedded’s software defined storage appliance MARS 200, is powered by an 8-node ARM based microserver cluster. Providing tremendous TCO savings using a very efficient and low power hardware platform and standard Open Source software components. The main features of an ARM based microserver cluster infrastructure are:

  • Dedicated resources on CPU, DRAM, Network and Storage bandwidth, for every single storage device to provide stable performance
  • Aggregates network bandwidth eliminating the data bottleneck in a very low cost way
  • One microserver connects to only one storage device, reducing the loss of max one single server node or one storage device (without losing data)
  • Less power consumption means less heat and therefore reducing cooling cost of your server room
  • Low power and low hardware costs, using standard SATA storage devices

The MARS 200 isn’t the only Ambedded ARM server offering.  Other solutions include the Cy7 and Cy21 servers launched June 2014. There are over 2,000 microserver nodes deployed to customers in Europe and US, which is about 8,000 TB of storage in their data centers. 

Ambedded Partner Benelux  Compatibles2 Microservers The 2016 available MARS 200 8-node ARM Server Reducing TCO ARM servers, non-INTEL no virtualization Ceph Resolving Network Bottlenecks MARS 200 8-node ARM Server CEPH internals of the Mars 200, Ambedded Technology Server Products CloudExpo 2015 Frankfurt Mars 200 view Mars 200 options Mars 200 options Mars 200 options Mars 200 options Mars 200 options

Introduction date: The new Ambedded MARS 200 will be on demo in Europe for the very 1st time, during Cloud Expo Frankfurt, November 10 and 11. Production models are expected to be available Q4 – 2015, early 2016.

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About: Ambedded Technology was founded in 2012 by a talented team experienced in embedded system hardware/software design and manufacturing ARM Software Defined Storage (SDS), ARM server to support object storage such as Ceph, Swift and GlusterFS.Ambedded provides ARM Vehicle computer, Car PC, ARM In Vehicle Computing, On Board Computer, on board Display, also ARM based IoT gateway for smart automation and smart city. Ambedded Technology’s Partner for Benelux: Compatibles2 BV / Microdesk Cloud Servers