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(Winner Interop 2016 & Computex/Inovex 2017)

CEPH on ARM Cluster Performance explained at OpenStack Boston Summit

Traditional server architecture is not a perfect fit for distributed storage because network is usually saturated with low CPU utility. And using virtual machine or multi-daemons carries the risk of multiple lost storage devices when a single server fails. Ambedded aims to address those problems with its microserver architecture designed for distributed storage and optimizing Ceph performance with this 1-to-1 architecture.

MARS 200 Video Tutorials

We added four video tutorials about using the Ambedded distributed storage software with Dashboard, Admin, Management UI (beta version, not final one):

1 Introduction CEPH for Object Storage and OpenStack on Ambedded MARS 200

Create a RADOS Gateway for S3 & Swift Object Storage API. Also create Pools and Auth Keys to use this CEPH Storage as backend storage for OpenStack Nova, OpenStack Cinder & OpenStack Glance

2 How to Create iSCSI Target with RBD Image as Backing Store on Ambedded MARS 200

3 How to Create CEPH Pools, Images, Snapshot & Clone on Ambedded MARS 200

In this video we demonstrate how to create Replica Pool, Erasure Code Pools, Add Cache Tier, create RBD Images, create snapshot of RBD image, rollback a snapshot, create clone from a snapshot and detach a clone from its parent snapshot and image.

4 How to Create CEPH MON & OSD on Ambedded MARS 200

Using this simple to use WebUI on Ambedded MARS200 you can create, manage, operate and monitor a CEPH cluster without the hassle to remember and type ceph command.

5 How to Create & Manage CEPH Crush Map in Ambedded MARS200 using Unified Virtual Storage Manager

Simply create Crush Map on Mars 200/201

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